One of the entries for the Grey “Genesis” Competition!

We are excited as our focus continues to be on building out our roadmap and vision to be the premier original community focused on gathering original Paranormal video evidence and placing it on the blockchain. As we get to work — our team is planning to share weekly development updates for the community as we complete our roadmap.

Completed Q3 Roadmap Items

Token Launch ✓
Info website launch✓
CoinGecko Listing ✓
First Contact NFT Drop ✓
Video Submission & Streaming App 1.0 ✓
Genesis Competition Launch✓

Development Update Topics

Genesis Competition Update
Marketplace dAPP Updates
“The Grey Space” — Video Submission & Streaming Site Mobile App
Grey in Sandbox?!
Community Updates

Genesis Competition Update — Still time to enter! $8000 worth of prizes!

What would you think seeing this Alien at your front door?

We are so excited seeing all of the submissions! With over 20 entries to this point — we are excited to see the communities enthusiasm and engagement.
As a reminder — we are accepting all submissions through October 1st, 20:00 PM UTC.
Genesis Contest Guidelines:
Submissions Opens: September 15th, 20:00 PM UTC
Submission Deadline: October 1st, 20:00 PM UTC
Community Voting Ends: October 8th, 20:00 PM UTC

Contest Details:

The theme for this contest is: Favorite Alien Race. This theme was created and inspired by our metaverse — and allowing the community to be a major part of what our paranormal universe will look like. We hope the community goes wild with ideas on what their favorite alien race might look like, what they might be wearing, paranormal and otherworldly traits, etc. We are excited to see your creative brilliance! We are excited to offer $8000 in rewards, paid out in ETH to the top three voted pieces-

First Place — $5000 in ETH
Second Place — $2000 in ETH
Third Place — $1000 in ETH

Contest Requirements

  • All Artists submitting pieces will be required to hold 100,000,000 $GREY per submission, with a max of 3 submissions per contest.
  • Entries that are sexual, or might result in causing harm to other people are not accepted. Any entries breaking this rule will be blocked or account suspended.
  • Must be original content.
  • Depictions that infringe upon the rights (image rights, copyrights, etc.) of a third party are prohibited.
  • Submissions that have received awards previously cannot be entered.
    Community Updates

Marketplace dAPP Updates

We are excited to announce that the Marketplace dAPP is in our staging environment actively being QA’d by members of the development team. While not launching in production as we had hoped — we are in the final stages prior to launching the marketplace. The marketplace will be launched when final QA and adjustments are complete.

Latest Marketplace dAPP Technical updates

  • Mint Page UI & Logic
  • Upload Video to IPFS using Pinata api
  • Upload Metadata to IPFS using Pinata api
  • Check Mint Role with signed in address
  • Call mint function with form data
  • Added notification using toast
  • Form validation with formik and yup
  • Added IPFS service fuctions and mint web3 services

“The Grey Space” — Video Submission & Streaming Site Mobile App

We are excited to share that we have gone mobile! Released on both Android and iOS — please download “The Grey Space” from your play store to have access to the Grey Video streaming and submission platform focused on the paranormal at all times. We will be continually improving the experience moving forward.

Grey in Sandbox?!

The Grey Team is excited to share along with the Genesis Competition — we also have planted our flag in the Sandbox, a metaverse that we plan to utilize to help spread awareness about Grey. More information will be coming out in this area in future updates…

Community Updates

Men in Grey Community Marketing/Army

To the Men in Grey — we salute your efforts. We are excited to have created a hardcore community of $GREY enthusiasts within our “Men In Grey” community-led group, where users can share posts to engage and grow awareness organically about what we are working to accomplish. We plan to do special things with this group, alongside sharing info and details prior to our other social media channels. Make sure to join the chat here to not miss out!

About us: Website

Contact us: Twitter | Telegram Group | Telegram Channel